Anaerobic Digestion

AD technology utilises soft biomass waste and/or crops to produce the biogas that is used in the generation of electricity. Projects in Europe are typically 1 - 2 MW of electrical output. An exception to this is an exciting 6 MW project currently under development in Serbia. In the USA, projects are 6 MW in capacity. The electrical power generated is sold directly to the national grid under long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Heat is also produced for use on site and in nearby homes and other commercial facilities.

In Europe, typically the main input into a Globomass AD plant is maize silage. Globomass purchases, where appropriate to do so, the land required to grow the feedstock. If this is not suitable at a location, it will take a long term lease and manage the crop production itself. Both routes mean that a reliable and secure supply of feedstock is available to the AD plant. Other inputs include grass silage, livestock manures and wastes, poultry litter, crop residues and crop process wastes are also added in.

In the USA, our projects are based around utilising poultry wastes to produce the energy. Electricity is sold directly to customers which happens either through direct wire or over the grid network. The essential nutrient Phosphorus is also recovered on site and becomes available in a granular form, ready to use identical to standard fertilzer granules.

For an excellent overview of what AD technology entails, please use this link to view a video...

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