Feasibility Study

Owing to the extensive experience of the Globomass team in the energy sector, in particular biomass and biogas energy production, the team have amassed very significant knowledge of what makes a successful project.  All projects, irrespective of their size or nature, have one common and essential aspect - the need for detailed feasibility analysis. This feasibility study and financial analysis is the first tangible evidence of what may be a successful project in the future.

The team have worked on projects in many jurisdictions such as Serbia, UK, Latvia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Ghana and USA. This mix of diverse locations and various project types have seen the team gain very important experience and knowledge in dealing with a wide variety of challenges. Many of these projects are operational today and are testament to the abilities of the team to bring a project from concept through to reality.

The team have recently conducted a number of successful detailed studies and we now offer this service to suitable projects and customers.

If you wish to learn more about the Globomass service or you have a potential project requiring feasibility, please contact COO Alan Gilbert on alan@globomass.com

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