Nutrient Recovery

This technology is a long established solution to nutrient related issues and is now being applied to agriculture wastes. Globomass, through its US based subsidiary CleanBay Renewables, has become one of the early leaders in establishing projects which combine AD with Nutrient Recovery (NR). They are the perfect match when applied to wastes which are proving problematic in regions where years of intensive agriculture are displying ill effects towards the environment. 

NR systems have been in use around the world for about 20 years. So far there primary function has been to remove nutrients, particularly phosphorus, from municipal wastewater discharge systems. The recovered nutrients exist in the form of a granular product, rich in phosphorus with some nitrogen and magnessium also present. This product, referred to as 'struvite', is an ideal fertiliser for application on soils to nourish the oncoming crops. The perfect sustainable cycle!


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