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Globomass Serbia

In the Serbian market, Globomass is developing larger scale anaerobic digestion projects. This is due to the opportunity presented by virtue of a more intensive and well developed agricultural industry in Serbia compared to other countries in the region. Agricultural land is available on a large scale, which along with the intensity of the current production systems, means there are significant volumes of agricultural wastes and residues available. These residues stem both directly from primary agricultural production, and also from the processing of the produce. 

Globomass is currently developing a 6 MW electrical output AD project in the Vojvodina region of Serbia. As part of the project, 1,200 hectares of prime agricultural land have been secured as well as significant levels of residues from the surrounding locality. 

Right now this project is in the regulatory steps of development. The grid connection point and grid capacity have been identified and agreed upon, and the feedstock sources clearly identified and secured. The technology solution has been developed and the EPC contractor is developing the execution plans for realising the project.

Work contines on developing a second project in the region which is going to be similiar in concept, scale and output to the initial project.

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