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It's a little known fact, but with over 2,000 biogas sites in operation today, the USA has built itself a soild biogas platform. Medium term targets are for another 11,000 biogas plants in the coming years, in accordance with the biogas roadmap. One sector in particular that requires immediate action is the treatment of poultry waste. The Globomass solution involves AD to recover energy and Nutrient Recovery (NR) techniques that harvests the valuable nutrient resources held within the waste and subsequent digestate. This combination helps provide a long lasting and sustainble solution to the poultry industry, in a region where intensive poultry rearing has had some negative effects on the local environment.

Globomass has entered the sector of USA market and is currently developing a portfolio of 10 anaerobic digestion and nutrient recovery projects. Some of these projects are located on the Delmarva peninsula which incorporates portions of the states of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. The projects are utilizing poultry wastes from the locality to produce biogas. The ultimate outputs will see electricity sold to the grid and heat supplied locally. Another exciting output from this project will be an organic granular fertiliser produced via a nutrient recovery process, post digestion. The final remaining digestate will also be sold as a soil amendment for safe use in the local soils.

The first of these projects are ready for construction.




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