Welcome To Globomass

Globomass is a developer of renewable energy projects from concept through to final operations.

Our planet and the evolution of our societies are at a cross-roads. Our attitudes towards the way we live our lives, the activities we carry out on earth and how we perceive business’s approach to global energy and waste challenges have rightly come under more and more focus.

When the opportunity of contributing to the development of Globomass came about, it was an obvious choice to get involved and to help build something special. In the midst of a difficult global political and economic climate, timing was ideal though challenging, to create a Company with the right ethos and a strong commercial drive to meet some key energy needs in an environmentally friendly way with a lasting legacy.

Globomass is a company operating in the biomass sector of resource recovery. We are currently involved in USA, Serbia and South East Asia. Please visit our pages for more details on these projects. At Globomass we are passionate believers in the contribution biomass energy will make over many years to come by producing energy locally in areas that really need it. Besides its many major key benefits to the planet and its population, biomass energy offers short and long term profitable opportunities to investors. 

Our team is highly experienced with a proven track record of successfully managing complex international businesses with recognised leading experts in the biomass renewable energy sector. Our board has significant plc experience and fully understands that good financial returns are key to underpinning sustainability and growth for the Clean-tech sector.

Welcome to Globomass!

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