25 MW Biomass Project for Ukraine

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Ukrainian renewables firm DNC Energy said Monday it intends to build a 25-MW biomass power plant in the Kyiv region.

The facility will run on woodchips, cornstover, sunflower and wheat straw and will use direct combustion, a "Wellons" boiler and a Siemens steam turbine. It is planned to be up and ready to run by November 2016.

DNC Energy explained that Ukraine's energy and financial independence from Russian coal, natural gas and nuclear fuel are a top strategic priority. As part of that plan, renewable energy is being supported through specific power tariffs. The national power company is also required to buy all power produced by green plants.

The project developer noted that soon President Poroshenko is expected to sign into law an amendment that sets the green tariff at the equivalent of USD 0.18 (EUR 0.16) per kWh sold to the national grid. The rate will be climbing when local content percentages are met.

DNC has identified eight sites it wants to buy, in line with plans to surpass 200 MW of generation capacity by 2020. These sites are strategically located and take into consideration fuel supply sustainability, cooling water and grid connection, it said.

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