Video Gallery

Through this gallery we bring some very interesting and informative video links. These items help to provide you with general information on the biomass-to-biogas sector as well as explaining some of the exciting developments and emerging technology in this ever expanding industry!


Due to the simplicity of the AD technology, the construction is also a simple and rapid proces - watch this!!


This video explains the basic components of an AD plant and shows how simple a process it is!


The method of feeding our digesters is very simple and straight forward! Take a look for yourself!


An informative video from our supplier showing the ease of separating solids from liquids in digestate. We believe this is important for the future as chemical fertiliser resources become more scarce. By separating we can maximise the targeting of the nutrients within the digestate and make the cycle more efficient. The separated liquid fraction is also ideal for irrigation directly onto the growing biomass crop.


This video shows the process of harvesting, transporting and storing the biomass crop. The process utilises standard agricultural equipment - its a new revenue stream for the agri equipment industry!





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